Opbevaringsrum offers lending of trailer if you do not even have one available. The trailer can be borrowed by all customers, in agreement with us.

opbevaringsrum trailers
What kind of trailer is it
  • Can accommodate 9.6 m3 total
  • Rear lid is opened from the top and can be used as a driving frame
  • Total weight is 1300 kg.
  • Can be carried by most cars without trailer cards.
Price to rent the trailer
  • 1 day= 300 kr.
  • 2 days / weekend = 500 kr.


For longer term rentals, deal with us. If you rent a room with us in my. ½ year, you can borrow the trailer for FREE for two days. · Anni & Jan Henriksen · Jens Provsts Vej 72 · Arnborg, 7400 Herning · · Tlf: 97 12 11 11