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Open Hours

With chip you can access you room, when ever you like every day.


With chip you can enter every day between 7 and 22 and on weekends / holidays between 8 and 22, which suits you best.

Price 150 kr. set up fee

In the storage room you can get in touch with your stuff during the entire rental period when you need it.

You can use the room as an extra storage for your items, for example. Christmas decorations, summer clothes, garden furniture and the like, because you can always pick up your stuff.
You can also check which conditions your items are in throughout the rental period.

About Opbevaringsrum

Storage space.dk has been around since 2004, so we have good experience in giving your belongings the best conditions:

At Opbevaringsrum.dk, you are sure that your things get good conditions. We ensure safe and dry storage of your items, and we keep an eye on the fact that everything is fine. We have video surveillance, burglar alarm and you are handed a powerful Ruko padlock to your room. Safe storage.


  • Total renovated and insulated building.
  • The rooms are heated to min. 12-14 degrees.
  • There is control of humidity to max. 60%
  • There is automatic air circulation in the building, the rooms are designed to circulate air.

Om vores rum

  • All rooms have a height of at least 2.65 m.
  • All partitions are raised by 10 cm. from floor to approx. 15 cm. from the ceiling to ensure air circulation in the rooms.
  • Therefore, we also heat the heat around the building instead of underfloor heating or other heat shapes, as it ensures a good
  • heat distribution in the rooms.
  • There is a blanket in all rooms, so for example. Sofas can be stacked in height.
  • All rooms are of regular sizes, so you're sure your things can be both width and height - perfect for storaging.

Om vores sted

  • Good driving conditions with turning point.
  • There are good wide doors of 1.4 m. To all rooms.
  • All tenants have key to their own storage room. The entire building is locked with a burglar alarm.
  • Storage room is video monitored.
  • We provide pallet trucks, sacks and lorries available.
  • We make sure you clean your room when you move out.

Opbevaringsrum.dk · Anni & Jan Henriksen · Jens Provsts Vej 72 · Arnborg, 7400 Herning · mail@opbevaringsrum.dk · Tlf: 97 12 11 11